Monday, December 22, 2008

oh fuck.
i typed an extremely long entry.
and now its all gone.
i cant stand blogger.
i cant stand so many other things people too.
yes. bitching time.
am feeling in the mood right now.

the stalker.
[gawd. you are so.. tsk. you like her cos of someone's
influence okay. and i cant believe you actually stalk her?!
thats so perverted. i dont even stalk my numbers. i think
thats too much. i dont go out of my way just to see them.
you do. cant believe you stalked her. and you stalk her
all the time. urgh. you disgust me.]

the ripoff.
[urgh. you're such a ripoff. look at your nick. you're
copying my style. thats so sick. dont you have any
originality? urgh. and its not only that. you like her cos
everyone else has a crush and you feel odd cos you dont have
one. and being desperate you chose a pig as a crush. -rollseyes.
you think its so cool to have crushes isit? well then you dont
really love yours. you just like her cos everyone else has a
crush. like i said before. and thats so lame. you make me sick.
and you are so acbc. you think you're so pretty and cool huh?
well im telling you now. you're not.]

the bitch.
[i do NOT suck up to her. if i do then what are you? you're
the ultimate bootlicker. trying to act cool huh? you are so NOT
cool. you think the seniors like you so much isit. well they dont.
and i do not have the time to write to her to gossip about you.
i have muchmuch more important things to ask. she also doesnt have
the time to write back to gossip more about you. she and i arent so
free. and what business is it of yours what i write to her about?
how do you even know i write to her? and how do you know she daos
you after i wrote to her. maybe she daoed you even before that. you
just didnt realize it. and why should she not dao you. hello? she's
a senior. she doesnt have to smile and wave at you all the time. and
you say im dao. well have you ever wondered why im dao to you and not
to others? ha. bet you havent. maybe its cos you are really annoying.
no wait. its not maybe. it is. cant believe i actually used to like
you. i mean as a fren. yuckk. i was blind then. but dont worry. now
i can see. very clearly. fuck you BITCH.]

ahhh. yes thats better. bitched enough already.
oh and i just love my ultra shuai daddy :)
as in chuyin k. not my father. haha.
she gets shuaier each time i see her. ahaha.
well. gotta go. bye.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

having cs.
im still not allowed to go online.
till after exams.
and anyway my comp is virus-ed.
and some people actually think i like
just coz in my chinese book which i left
in the canteen last thursday, i wrote
"sy" all over inside.
those are my initials.
yessssssssss they are.
some people wrote "i love siying" all over my book.
yep. guess thats it.
i only love one. and that one.
yeah so get that clear.
oh and i got a no.4 :)
but no.2, 3 and 4 i dont really like.
i just like to look at them coz they're cute :)
yep. but i only love one.
yeah i know thats repeated.
went to town on sunday with mer and rachel.
bought lotsa presents :)
so many people's birthdays are in may.
spent dunno how much money.
heh. dont really care.
ha. anyway i gotta go.
i love skittles [especially the red ones] :)