Friday, May 22, 2009

Headshire Dispose game for traine your memory

In your post as Governor of Headshire, you must gather resources to keep your town happy. Memorize the locations of disappearing items in this Puzzle game. Drag the items at the bottom of the screen to their correct bubbles to keep the village bustling. Click on any coins that fall and use them to buy power-ups and bonus items at the market. Replace all of the resources before nightfall so that everyone in Headshire is happy, well-fed, and warm!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chinese Wedding Menu

A friend of ours got married. My husband and I had the privilege of attending both the ceremony and the reception. The reception was held at the Victoria Chinese Restaurant on Melville Street in Vancouver. The three hundred guests in attendance were treated to a 13-course meal:

* Suckling pig barbecue meat combination
* Sautee seafood (shrimp and scallops) and walnut with vegetables
* Deep fried crab claw with shrimp puree
* Shark fin soup with crab meat and chicken
* Sautee lobster with "supreme sauce" (basically a side plum sauce)
* Steamed fish with green onion and soya
* Braised abalone with Chinese mushroom and vegetables
* Deep fried crispy chicken
* Honeymoon fried rice (rice with two different kinds of sauces and vegetables)
* Braised E-Fu noodles (mushroom flavour)
* Sweetened red bean with lily and lotus soup
* Chinese petites fours (deep fried sesame balls)
* Wedding cake

Table wine was Wyndam Estate Bin 555 Shiraz from Australia. We toasted with Remy Martin Cognac (smooooth!) with the wedding party.

I also tried Red Bull energy drink for the first time. I think it's only been approved by Health Canada only recently. It contains caffeine as well as some other substances including 1,000 (mcg?) of Taurine, whatever that is. It tasted like carbonated lemon Neo Citran. I did feel a little more awake after drinking a can of it though.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vasectomy Chronicles - Recovery Day 21

Last Thursday was the 21st after the vasectomy operation.

Recovery generally went very well with little pain or odd sensations.

I didn't quite make my goal of 25 ejaculations but did produce my 20th as a sample to take to the urologist. He was impressed that there were absolutely no sperm present, live or dead. If it had been eight weeks instead of three he would have been ready to give me the green light to "go forth and (don't) multiply".

He wanted to review a bit of literature before committing to viewing another sample before eight weeks post-vasectomy. Even as I found in my research there's little data to show when spontaneous recanalizations occur.

So we may or may not be in holding pattern for another five weeks. If things go well and smoothly this week I may still try to put forth a good argument (and sample) to attempt to get an official "all clear" before we go on vacation next week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Body Builder

Item tagged with blonde, body, builder, dynamite, joke

The body builder takes off his shirt and the blonde says,

"What a Great Chest you have!"

He tells her, "That's 100 lbs. Of dynamite, Baby."

He takes off his pants and the blonde says, "What massive Calves you have!"

The body builder tells her, "That's 100 lbs. Of dynamite, baby."

He then removes his underwear, and the blonde goes running out of the apartment screaming in fear.

The body builder puts his clothes back on and chases after her.

He catches up to her and asks why she ran outofthe apartment like that.

The blonde replies, I was afraid to be around all that dynamite after I saw how short the fuse was!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1. Life is so stressful all of a sudden. I have to do Chapter 1 reading guide for English, get the majority of my French project visual aid finished, and I told Bryce I would try and stop by to see the new car. His parents bought a 2003 Honda Accord (I think), Champagne colored, it sounds gorgeous! Whoooo!!! Hehe! But yeah, so, and then my mom is acting really strange; all secluded and like she doesn't want to be around people...*sighs*...Sometimes I wonder how promising a marriage can really be if your spouse constantly makes you feel like shit?

2. It was good seeing everyone today, I like the routine of school, it makes things easier. No one noticed I was tan, granted, they probably couldn't see much of a difference. I don't blame 'em. I do, just because I can feel it! Heh.

3. So, we definetly don't have school on Friday. I'm so excited! Bryce is coming over around 12:00ish, and he, my mom and I are going to dye easter eggs, because she doesn't work on Fridays, either! wheee!! I'm excited.

Since I have so much homework, I should go do it! Eep! Gotta run

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life is so damn ironic sometimes, it's cruel. The last few days, the tables have been completely turned on me. A lot of times, Kelsey will tell me how she feels that Wendy and I often "buddy up", and kind of just be "the two of us", rather than "the three of us", when we're all together. And I didn't really notice that, until lately. The other day, well, this past weekend, I met them at Caribou one night--this past Friday. Kelsey had gotten back from driving, and I was coming home from Bryce's. It was really ackward, because they kept joking around about stuff that had happened earlier that evening, and stuff. And I just kind of laughed, and joked around, even though I had no idea what they were talking about. And for the first time in a long time, I felt completely left out, and totally alone. I don't know, maybe that's because I deserved it, I don't know...I mean, I called Kels and she said she was with Wendy, and so I just kind of invited myself to come see them, but I only stayed for like, 25 minutes or something, I don't know, but yeah. And then yesterday, during lunch, we were in Red's room, hanging out, talking, like we always do. And suddenly, they started talking about stuff, like, Wendy's work, her sister, stuff that happened when I wasn't there. Now, I don't want this to seem like I want people to ONLY talk about me and stuff that happened with me when I'm around, I don't care. But I guess I felt like I was just out of it; like they had gone to a party and were talking about the cute boys and I wasn't there to get in on some of the window shopping. I don't know...And like, today, we went to Kelsey's house during 4th hour, because we had 1st lunch (we had a choral group come during band), and like, they were all chatty and just talking about different people in Jarod's (Kelsey's bro) old year books, and I just kind of sat there, looking dumb. I don't know.

There's a good chance I'm making this out to be bigger than it is. I don't know, Kelsey has just seemed really off lately, like, she'll be super happy with Wendy, but just kind of ignore me and act unhappy and such. I don't know? Maybe it's just me. I guess I'm just so used to being part of a "group", which, I know, sounds extremely self centered, but like, I don't know. I'm going to go do homework, I told Courtney I'd go to her "candle party" tonight, *groans* and I'm bringing Bryce. Heh. Her mom is making cocktail weenies!!! Wheee!!!! Haha. Our presentation went well, I was pretty nervous, and Brie didn't know half the numbers in French. Oh well. I gotta run!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Which Band Should You Be In? by couplandesque
Your Name
Band Name Coldplay
Role Drummer
Trademark Extreme Good Looks
Love Interest The Vocalist
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ahhh!!! This is driving me insane. So, I start to lay out my pictures on my poster board for French, and my mom comes and sits down, and just starts diddeling with it! Like, rearranging things, and saying, "Oh, how about this? Yeah, like, right here....", and all this! god! That is so annoying! And than she's like, "Oh, well, I think you finally got it all to fit!" and I'm like, "I didn't do anything!". I didn't SAY that, but I was thinking it! Heh. But yeah. I don't know, I'm just frustrated. But, the good news is, it's almost done. I just have to paste it on there, and then tomorrow we present, and than, we're done. 'Cept Brie hasn't done anything, she said today she hasn't even researched her people's biographies!! That was the ONE job we needed her to do. What the hell!? Blah. *breathes deeply* I shouldn't be yelling.

Anyway...I'm going to go work on my project more, I have to find more pictures for time periods before the Impressionism era.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, I'm going to attempt to write a quick blog about Texas. It was SO fun!!! It rained on Sunday, so Kel-C and I just drove around, and hung out inside. We went to a few little shops, and just went bargain hunting. Heh. And than, Monday, it was so nice and sunny (high 70's), we sat outside, tanned, and jumped in the pool (and jumped back out, it was SO cold!). And then we went shopping some more, came back, washed her car, and then tanned some more. Heh. It was pretty much the same on Tuesday, cept we didn't wash the car, and we played bingo that night. We didn't win anything, but we were close! Every day Kels and I played Yahtzee! It was so fun. Her dad and step mom are really nice, even though her dad has been an ass in the past, but, yeah...Anyway. So, I left Wed. afternoon, and Kels started driving back on Thursday morning. I talked to her a little bit ago, and she was about 2 hours away from home, so, that's good! Yay! Heh.

My mom and I got in a squabble this morning; I didn't clean my room like I was suppose to yesterday (how mature is that?) and so she yelled at me and said how even though I do nice things for her (I bought her flowers and coffee), all she wants is for my room to be clean. So, she was yelling, I was crying, and yeah. It was bad. But, I guess we're "ok" now...I don't know.

Elen, me, and my mom are going downtown later, we're meeting friends for lunch and than going to the flower show. Yay. Welllll, I should go! Adios.

I'll write more later, hopefully?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, it's about five minutes to 1, and Bryce is coming over in about fifteen minutes. We're going to dye easter eggs! Wheee!!! heheh. My mom and I went to the Marsh today, it's this place in Hopkins. It's like a fitness center. We worked out for like, a half an hour. It felt good, considering I'm not very active. But yeah. I did the stationary bike, the Stair master, and the Elpytical machine. I liked the bike the best.

Bryce and I had a long talk yesterday, a lot of stuff that I had been holding back came out...And I'm not sure if it's good or not. I mean, after what I told him, most boyfriends would've broken up with their girlfriend. I mean, it's hard, because I'm not going to write what I told him, because that would be bad, but, yeah...I don't know. Don't assume the worst.

Anywhoo. So, Bryce is coming over to dye easter eggs. I got some tye-dye stuff, too. As well as the regular stuff, so that's good. It's suppose to f-in' snow on Sunday! What the crap?!?! Just when it was sort of getting nice.

It's weird, I'm actually -excited- to do math homework this weekend. How freaky is that? It's nice because I understand what we're doing, and we have a test on Wednesday, I think, so, I like to get a headstart on things I know how to do!

I should get goin, but I'll write more later.