Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, it's about five minutes to 1, and Bryce is coming over in about fifteen minutes. We're going to dye easter eggs! Wheee!!! heheh. My mom and I went to the Marsh today, it's this place in Hopkins. It's like a fitness center. We worked out for like, a half an hour. It felt good, considering I'm not very active. But yeah. I did the stationary bike, the Stair master, and the Elpytical machine. I liked the bike the best.

Bryce and I had a long talk yesterday, a lot of stuff that I had been holding back came out...And I'm not sure if it's good or not. I mean, after what I told him, most boyfriends would've broken up with their girlfriend. I mean, it's hard, because I'm not going to write what I told him, because that would be bad, but, yeah...I don't know. Don't assume the worst.

Anywhoo. So, Bryce is coming over to dye easter eggs. I got some tye-dye stuff, too. As well as the regular stuff, so that's good. It's suppose to f-in' snow on Sunday! What the crap?!?! Just when it was sort of getting nice.

It's weird, I'm actually -excited- to do math homework this weekend. How freaky is that? It's nice because I understand what we're doing, and we have a test on Wednesday, I think, so, I like to get a headstart on things I know how to do!

I should get goin, but I'll write more later.