Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, I'm going to attempt to write a quick blog about Texas. It was SO fun!!! It rained on Sunday, so Kel-C and I just drove around, and hung out inside. We went to a few little shops, and just went bargain hunting. Heh. And than, Monday, it was so nice and sunny (high 70's), we sat outside, tanned, and jumped in the pool (and jumped back out, it was SO cold!). And then we went shopping some more, came back, washed her car, and then tanned some more. Heh. It was pretty much the same on Tuesday, cept we didn't wash the car, and we played bingo that night. We didn't win anything, but we were close! Every day Kels and I played Yahtzee! It was so fun. Her dad and step mom are really nice, even though her dad has been an ass in the past, but, yeah...Anyway. So, I left Wed. afternoon, and Kels started driving back on Thursday morning. I talked to her a little bit ago, and she was about 2 hours away from home, so, that's good! Yay! Heh.

My mom and I got in a squabble this morning; I didn't clean my room like I was suppose to yesterday (how mature is that?) and so she yelled at me and said how even though I do nice things for her (I bought her flowers and coffee), all she wants is for my room to be clean. So, she was yelling, I was crying, and yeah. It was bad. But, I guess we're "ok" now...I don't know.

Elen, me, and my mom are going downtown later, we're meeting friends for lunch and than going to the flower show. Yay. Welllll, I should go! Adios.

I'll write more later, hopefully?!

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