Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1. Life is so stressful all of a sudden. I have to do Chapter 1 reading guide for English, get the majority of my French project visual aid finished, and I told Bryce I would try and stop by to see the new car. His parents bought a 2003 Honda Accord (I think), Champagne colored, it sounds gorgeous! Whoooo!!! Hehe! But yeah, so, and then my mom is acting really strange; all secluded and like she doesn't want to be around people...*sighs*...Sometimes I wonder how promising a marriage can really be if your spouse constantly makes you feel like shit?

2. It was good seeing everyone today, I like the routine of school, it makes things easier. No one noticed I was tan, granted, they probably couldn't see much of a difference. I don't blame 'em. I do, just because I can feel it! Heh.

3. So, we definetly don't have school on Friday. I'm so excited! Bryce is coming over around 12:00ish, and he, my mom and I are going to dye easter eggs, because she doesn't work on Fridays, either! wheee!! I'm excited.

Since I have so much homework, I should go do it! Eep! Gotta run

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