Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chinese Wedding Menu

A friend of ours got married. My husband and I had the privilege of attending both the ceremony and the reception. The reception was held at the Victoria Chinese Restaurant on Melville Street in Vancouver. The three hundred guests in attendance were treated to a 13-course meal:

* Suckling pig barbecue meat combination
* Sautee seafood (shrimp and scallops) and walnut with vegetables
* Deep fried crab claw with shrimp puree
* Shark fin soup with crab meat and chicken
* Sautee lobster with "supreme sauce" (basically a side plum sauce)
* Steamed fish with green onion and soya
* Braised abalone with Chinese mushroom and vegetables
* Deep fried crispy chicken
* Honeymoon fried rice (rice with two different kinds of sauces and vegetables)
* Braised E-Fu noodles (mushroom flavour)
* Sweetened red bean with lily and lotus soup
* Chinese petites fours (deep fried sesame balls)
* Wedding cake

Table wine was Wyndam Estate Bin 555 Shiraz from Australia. We toasted with Remy Martin Cognac (smooooth!) with the wedding party.

I also tried Red Bull energy drink for the first time. I think it's only been approved by Health Canada only recently. It contains caffeine as well as some other substances including 1,000 (mcg?) of Taurine, whatever that is. It tasted like carbonated lemon Neo Citran. I did feel a little more awake after drinking a can of it though.

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